Our Dogs At Play

Love all day and all night

These wonderful dogs are our love and life…

At home at the beach

Sushi is the saltiest of dogs

Minutes from the beach, our dogs enjoy the sun and salty air.  Socialized with other dogs and people, from the local community, our Golden’s have developed their own special brand of charm.  Sushi and Grayson’S favorite spots are Morro Bay and Avila Beach.

Sand in my toes

Grayson is goofy, fun and full of energy

Not just a show boy, this love bug, is all rough and tumble at the beach.  Swimming and fetch are top priorities for this guy.  A loving match for his girl , Sushi. Golden Retrievers make the best companions at home or at the beach.


Grayson in his element at home, being loved and on the turf.  Almost surf and turf, minus the surf!

Nothing but Sushi

Sushi and her momma hang’n out looking gorgeous together!!!  Only thing Sushi is missing is the high heels.


Head to Tail

Showing off his best angles, Grayson is practicing his “Blue Steel” look!

Kikko the Man

One of the two “Bookies”, and a male offspring of the beautiful Sushi.  Also, a big fan of the beach; “Kikko” is very loving and friendly. 




The “Other Bookie” Wasabi is Kikko’s sister and mirror image of her mother, Sushi.  Don’t be confused, she is also found hanging out with her aunt “Ginger”.  She and her brother are known as “The Book Ends” AKA “Bookies”, and are pair of pistols ready to fire off at the beach or at home. 




The ever spicy and cute as a button, Gin-G is sweet little girl who is starting to make a name in the show ring.  Don’t under estimate her beauty, she is all Tom-boy dog when it come to the beach.  Yeah, she loves to retrieve balls and play with rope toys, but her true passion is chasing birds at the beach.  In her mind and heart, she thinks she has wings.


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