• Finding her Zen in the water, Sushi is always ready to swim.
  • Not tasty like sushi, but does swim like a fish.
  • Did I mention she is always at home in the water, any water!!!
  • Is a lovable soul…



Not just another pretty face, “Sweetness” as she is affectionately known is treated like the princess she truly is.

“If there was a doggy Olympics, I’d be a gold medal swimmer.”



Puppy Breath  

Our Boys          

Shadalane’s Sushi Zen CCA CGCA CCGCA THDN  

DOB: (10/15/2013-)  K9Data Info: http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=686666

At home at the beach

Sushi is the saltiest of dog

Always looking for a good time anytime water is near.  She enjoys the sun and salty the water.  True to the breed’s sporting traits, this beauty is a silky angel in the water. 

Sand in my toes

Sushi beach days are always a must have

This lovely lady always has a smile on her face.  She is truly one with the water!


“Scar-Scar” or “Huggy Bear” as she is affectionally known, is the newest AKC Champion here at Mystic Zen Goldens.  We are very excited to have such a young champion, and look forward to her continuing in conformation Grand Champion competitions.


AKC Champion Golden Retriever

CH Summit’s Crimson and Clover (7/24/2017-)




“GIN-GEE” as we all like to call her is sweet and spicy as her name would suggest.  She is still on her quest to be the next Mystic Zen Champion.  However, in her down time she loves to swim and is an all around water dog.



Pointed Golden Retriever

Shadalane Zen’s Spicy Ginger CCA CGCA CCGCA (4/12/2016-)