Puppy Breath Secret Stash  

You found the secret stash of Puppy Breath, well done!  Please return to this page often to get your daily dose of Puppy Breath!!! 


Puppy Breath Secret Stash

Past Puppy Pics

New Additions Are born!!!

More Puppy Breath has just landed and storming the beach!!!

More pictures to be added daily.  The link below is being updated with the new litter pictures.  The past litters and other lovable moments with our dogs will be included on this page.  The Cute, the Goofy, and the Funny should be found here on this page… kinda sounds like a Western movie I once saw!

Please click here to see the new brood, they are up and fully operational…

New Puppy Arrivals

If you would like to see puppies from previous litters, click on the following link.  It will include puppy and grown up pictures of our legacy brood members.  The puppies new family’s are more than willing to share their live’s with us, to share with you.

Puppy Hall of Fame

Look out for our video page…

Ginger loving the wind in her hair…!!!